Tournament Game Rules

Teams : 20 teams with a maximum squad of 14 players
Groups: 5 groups of 4 teams
Game Length : 18 minutes                                      

Group Stage Format : Each team plays the other 3 teams in their respective group. Record determines seeding in Knockout Stage.

Knockout Stage Format: All 20 teams play single elimination knockout. Seeding based on group record. 



• The following is a comprehensive list of Playing rules and regulations relating to the playing 

of 7-a-side soccer.

Team Structure

• There will be a maximum of 7 players per team on the field at any one time. There are no requirements for gender balance. You can have as many males and females on the pitch at all times.

1. Each team may field six outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time

2. Each team can use a maximum of 14 players per game.


• Substitutions are unlimited during the game and can take place at any time.

1. Outgoing substitutes must leave the field of play at the halfway line and before the 

replacement enters the playing area.

2. The oncoming players are active immediately and can receive the ball.

3. Substitutes must stand outside the pitch perimeter and spectators must not enter the field of play under any circumstances.

4. A change of goalkeeper must be authorized by the referee.

Game Structure

1. The length of the game will be 18 minutes

2. The game will start from the half way line by the home team.

3. After a goal has been scored the game will be re-started by the team who conceded the goal taking a centre

General Play

• FIFA rules apply with the following exception:

1. There are no off-sides

Re-Starting the game

• If the ball goes out of play over the side-line a Throw-in will be awarded depending on which 

team had the final touch

1. A proper throw-in technique must be used

• If the ball goes out of play behind the end line, a corner kick or a goal kick will be awarded 

depending on which team had the final touch

Special Rules pertaining to goalkeeper distribution:

Goal Kicks

1. The goal kick must be taken from the ground

2. The ball can be placed anywhere inside the penalty area

Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks

• All free kicks and penalty kicks are as per FIFA rules

1. Opposition players must be at least Five meters from where any free-kick is taken.

1. If opposing players do not retreat the required Five meters the kick may be moved forward 

one meter.

2. A penalty kick will be placed directly in the centre of the goal, 8 metres from the goal line

3. The Goalkeeper must be on the goal line when a penalty is being taken.

• A penalty kick will be awarded for any infringement of the laws of the game inside the penalty area

 Player Safety 

1. The wearing of any form of jewellery (including watches) is not permitted during play.

2. We recommend that all players wear shin pads, but this is not compulsory

3. KickOff Canada will not take any responsibility for injuries caused to players not wearing shin pads as it is understood that this is the individual players own decision

4. A dangerous tackle will be punished with either a yellow or red card

5. Anyone instigating or retaliating with violent behavior will be immediately shown a red card

6. No slide tackles allowed. A slide tackle will result in a free-kick to the opposing team. 

 Yellow Card & Red Cards

1. A player who receives two yellow cards in one game must leave the field of play for the 

entire game

2. A player who receives a straight red card must leave the field of play immediately and for the entire game

3. A player who is sent off cannot be replaced by another player


1. A player who is sent off will receive an automatic suspension of 1 game

2. Players playing whilst suspended will have a further three match ban added to the end of 

their current suspension.


1. The Referees decision on all on-field matters is final and no discussions will be entered into 

either on or off the field with him about any decision.

1. The Referees jurisdiction on disciplinary matters will apply until the end of the match.

2.  Players repeatedly disputing decisions may have further disciplinary action taken against