Our Team

Here's our team! KickOff has a very diverse and experienced team that has lived in 5 different continents and seen how soccer has impacted countries all the way from Australia to Canada to Spain to Fiji to Indonesia to Zambia....and so many more! 

Mohammad Hasnain Raza,
Head of Marketing and Communication

Nationality: Pakistan | Favourite team: Manchester United

Soccer is what Hasnain is most passionate about in life. He was born in Pakistan and then moved to Zambia at the age of 5. When growing up in Zambia, he realized the impact the beautiful game makes in the happiness of entire societies and communities. He is a recent graduate of Simon Fraser University and is pursuing a career in digital strategy. By being a part of KickOff, he aims to combine his love of soccer with his passion of giving back to the less fortunate. He wants the blend of his love and passion to fuel the inspiration behind KickOff Canada to everyone involved with it.  

Rienaldy Taniwangsa,
Head of Logistics and Data Science

Nationality: Indonesia | Favourite team: Manchester United

Rienaldy believes that soccer is a global language that unites all corners of the world. He is infatuated by big data and encourages everyone to read Soccernomics, the Moneyball equivalent of soccer. Having recently graduated with honours from the UBC Commerce program, Rienaldy is aiming to use his expertise - particularly in logistics and data science - to give back to the less fortunate and run well-oiled soccer tournaments and gatherings.

Carlin Leung,
Head of Web Design

Nationality: Canada | Favourite team: Vancouver Whitecaps

Born and raised in Canada, Carlin is (unsurprisingly) a huge fan of hockey - although he's slowly falling in love with soccer. His passion for sport carries over in all that he does, and he believes that the skills learned in sport - discipline, grit, perseverance, and so much more - is applicable to every day life. Carlin is honoured to be Working with an organization that not only promotes these qualities, but also supports the community in which he lives, works and plays in.


Thomas den Hartog,
Head of Events

Nationality: Canada | Favourite team: Manchester United

Thomas has been living and breathing soccer since the age of 5 and hasn't gone a day without kicking a ball since. Having growing up around the world, he believes soccer truly is the world's sport and loves how it can be played anywhere, whether it's on a beautiful pitch or a dirt road with some rocks as your goal posts! He hopes to use his enthusiasm and knowledge of the game to really give back and help those who need assistance in communities.


Sameer Sohani,
Head of Finance and Internal Affairs

Nationality: Pakistan | Favourite team: Chelsea FC

Sameer was born and raised in Pakistan and after graduating high-school, he then went to Kenya to pursue his International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. He is now in Vancouver currently pursuing a degree in Finance. Having experienced life in three different continents he is a witness to the power of this global sport called soccer and its ability to bring people together from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Sameer has always been obsessed about giving back to society and he hopes that through Kickoff he will be able to help the unfortunate in our community and beyond.