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Our Story  

We wanted to create an organization that was based around having fun and doing good. People are in need of assistance and require help in any way, shape or form. The team was created around a few simple, yet, important questions and philosophies:


Q: What is it we love most and how can we use that drive to help others? 

A: What we love most and are so passionate and crazy about is soccer. If we are able to incorporate that with causes we feel strongly about, then we are bound to do great things.

Q: How can we mix soccer with helping others?

A: Simple. Organize many unique soccer tournaments and soccer-related events. We raise money through sponsorships and team participation. Prices of the events will always be affordable to assure value for everyone. This way, people are fit, healthy and having fun. At the same time, their generosity is going towards improving the state of the lives of others. 


Q: How do we build a team to do the best job possible?

A: We have a dynamic team with diverse skills that is united and brought to the table. Each of team member is a specialist and advocate in their respective fields and has the necessary experience and character to ensure the work is professional, ethical and of the highest standard. 

As of 2014, our team formed KickOff Canada Foundation with the aim of uniting people with soccer by creating an atmosphere of fun and positivity while still giving back to charity. Come join us in supporting great causes through the power of sports and community!

Our Philosophy

If we want to change things, we must first change ourselves. If we want to play - if we want to change the world - we must first show up on the field to score
— Paul Rusesabagina