KickOff is an organization that brings the community together in more ways than one. Businesses are able to connect with the community through our events to reach out and network to the people you care about.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why sponsor KickOff?

A: Easy! We reach out to people directly to your community and organize soccer events that hundreds of people attend. With KickOff being a non-profit organization, your support will be greatly appreciated by the community and can spark loyalty with customers.

Moreover, you will be featured on our website's home-page, which is visited over a 1000 times each month. Out outreach and online presence will only increase as we continue to grow. KickOff assures that your brand will be head-lined at our events and activities due to your kind generosity. 

Q: Who can sponsor KickOff?

A: Anyone! Whether you're a startup, pub, retailer, restaurant, grocery store or a coffee shop, sponsoring us is easy and mutually beneficial. We appeal to all individuals in British Columbia, specifically in Lower Mainland from all demographics aged 18 to 60. With YOUR brand as a sponsor, you'll appeal and connect to the public in more ways than one.

Q: How do I sponsor KickOff?

A: Simple. You can either sponsor us via monetary or in-kind donations. Sponsoring us through monetary donations involves you make a contribution of a certain amount of money that we will use to fund our events. Monetary donations are awesome for us because we can use it straight into making a successful event. In-kind donations are just as welcome! In-kind donations involves your business providing some sort of goods or services and it can be used to give prizes to participants at the event. If one method works better than the other for you, that's fine, we will always value and appreciate your support. Both types of donations are valued equally

Getting Involved

KickOff was created with the thought of helping others while doing something we love in a team we love

If you are someone who wants to help your community through the medium of sports and could see yourself contributing to our team, then we would love for you to get involved. Tell us what you can do.



50% of proceeds go to mental health and suicide prevention

50% of proceeds go to the charity of winning team's choice


Event Sponsor: Get the Event dedicated to your company's name.

• Your name on all of our posters

• You will have a booth at the event which will be attended by 250 people

• Your name and logo displayed on our website

• Your name and logo on KickOff Canada's event T-shirt


Sponsor a Team: We will name the team you sponsor with your company name. For example - Slack's Team Canada or Microsoft's Team Germany

• Your company name and logo on our website

• Your company name and logo on Team posters


 Please email us at team@kickoffcanada.com if you are interested in helping us or if you have any questions. 



We are a registered non-profit organization. If you are passionate about helping others, being involved in sports and working in a team then volunteer with us. We will need a lot of volunteer help to assist us with pulling off an amazing tournament on August 12. We will also open up some executive positions after the tournament and you are welcome to let us know how you can contribute. Contact us now and let us know about yourself and how you see yourself helping us.


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about KickOff. Anyone passionate about sports and about helping others will love to learn more about us. Go ahead and tweet about us, post on Facebook or mention it to your community.

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.
— Aesop