Meet the team

KickOff has a very diverse and experienced team that has lived in 5 different continents and seen how soccer has impacted countries all over the world.


Dhruvraj Baznath

Country of birth: Mauritius 

Dhruv was born in Mauritius and raised in Senegal. His love for sports, particularly soccer, developed at a very young age. From playing on his high school team to playing with locals in the streets he has seen how soccer can unite people of all ages, races and social standings. 

For him, Soccer has always been a way to make friends and bring about a sense of solidarity. It is a place of refuge where he can feel comfortable to express himself.  

Dhruv hopes to bring about change and unity around him through soccer and various other sports. 

Favourite team: A proud supporter of Chelsea FC and The Senegalese National Team.

Adnan Aeranpurwala

Country of birth: India 

Adnan was born in Bangalore, India, before moving to Canada 8 years ago. His love for sport lies not only in soccer, but also swimming, tennis, biking, hiking and cricket. You can say he's one of those people that's naturally gifted at every sport.

Adnan is currently the co-founder of Alchemy Technologies, and his strength lies in data analytics, design and user experience.

Favourite team: Barcelona and more importantly. #TeamMessi

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Hasnain raza

Country of birth: Pakistan 

Soccer is what Hasnain is most passionate about in life. He was born in Pakistan and then moved to Zambia at the age of 5. When growing up in Zambia, he realized the impact the beautiful game makes in the happiness of entire societies and communities. By being a part of KickOff, he aims to combine his love of soccer with his passion of giving back to the less fortunate. 

Favourite team: Manchester United aka the greatest team in the world and the Zambian national team

Anand Virani

Country of birth: India 

Anand is passionate about giving back to the society. His involvement is largely motivated to help the cause - mental health and suicide prevention. His love for sports developed in childhood. He has represented his school nationally as a cricket captain and he represented his country in table tennis at a very young age. He is currently obsessed with running and has been running a half-marathon once a month.

He is the second co-founder of Alchemy Technologies Ltd, and he loves mobile technology. Started as a coder, now he enjoys managing challenging software project and seeing it come to completion.

Favourite team: Real Madrid